Internet Service Providers

Managed Wireless

In today’s world where Mobile Smart Phones rival the processing power of computers and company staff want to use their own devices to perform tasks, managing your wireless networks is of paramount importance. In order to meet these demands companies are asking the following questions;

  • How do we secure and monitor access to the network for guests and staff?
  • Are we going to allow for a "Bring Your Won Device" policy?
  • How do we provide a robust fast network? 
  • How do we secure our Wireless network?
  • Which Vendor would best suit our budget and requirements?
  • Do we use 2.4/5GHZ N. ABG or AC? 
  • What about Remote Device Security Policies in case of device theft or loss?
  • User Network access and tracking?
  • Should we use equipment from Cisco, Meraki or UBNT?

Here at StrataNet we take the guess work out of Wireless Networks from initial consultation up to the actual deployment.

StrataNet offers a wide range of Managed Wireless Solutions from the best in the industry and we will assist you step by step to custom build your own Managed Wireless Network without excessive overhead and cost. From Guest Portal to Remote Office Site Management solutions, we do it all.

Ask us about our Cloud Hosted Unify Product if you prefer to have a Turn Key solution and allow us to help you do what you do best, run your business.

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