Internet Service Providers

Urban Wireless

What sets StrataNet apart?

StrataNet endeavour to provide the most reliable and robust service possible. In rural areas, our speeds are the fastest available because we run our own network. Our service does not use the old copper lines in the ground. Instead, StrataNet deliver wirelessly from transmission towers dotted around the greater Auckland area. We provide ultra-low latency (ping) connections, which is one of the key factors in delivering fast internet – speed is one thing, latency is another.

For the technical people:

Our latencies typically range from 5-10ms in rural areas and 2-8ms in urban environments. While most ISPs use a contention ratio of up to 50:1, ours are no more than 5:1. This means that there are far less people using the same service as you. All of our commercial plans feature a 1:1 contention ratio. Due to low latencies, our 6 Mb/s plans ‘feel’ like urban ADSL speeds. In some areas we have the ability to provide 10 Mb/s for that extra bit of throughput.