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Our Team

James Comer

Senior Systems Engineer/ Director /Grand High Geekmaster

James Comer

Years in IT: 13
Favourite Movies: Aviator
Favourite Foods: Surf and Turf
Pastimes: Karting, flying, church, family.
Born: Auckland
Famous Doppelganger: No.

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Duncan Cameron

Chief Financial Officer/ Director

Favourite Movies: Ben Hur
Favourite Foods: Thai
Pastimes: Golf
Born: Wellington
Favourite TV Shows: Star Trek
Famous Doppelganger: I won't say

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Arno Grobbelaar

Senior Systems Engineer

Arno Years in IT: 11
Favourite Movies: Boondock Saints, Independence Day, 
Favourite Foods: Old Wood Fire style Barbeque
Pastimes: Hiking, E-Sports and The occasional fishing trip.
Born: Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Favourite TV Shows: BSG, Breaking Bad, Attack on Titan
Famous Doppelganger: None, but I do get a lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger references.

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Blair Dixon

Service Desk Supervisor

Blair DixonFavourite Food: Anything with meat
Favourite Movie: Anything with guns
Where were you born: Auckland NZ
Favourite TV show: Breaking Bad
Famous Dopelgaanger: None!

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Brandon Benjamin

Service Desk Technician

BrandonYears in IT: 3
Favourite Movie: Star Trek: Into Darkness
Favourite Pastime: Gaming
Born in: South Africa
Lived in NZ for: 10 years
Most Hated TV Show: Keeping up with the Kardashians

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Shiva Swamy

Service Desk Technician

Favorite Food: Lamb Curry with Okra
Favourite Movie: Space Balls
Favourite TV Show: Cosmos (Carl Sagan's version from the 70's)
Born in: Suva, Fiji
Famous Dopelgaanger: Gandhi


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Alexia Pauling

Service Desk Technician

AlexiaWhat is your favourite movie: Life is Beautiful
Favourite Food : Anything except beetroot – sorry, not a fan.
Favourite pastime outside of work? Diving and fishing.
Where were you born?
Kawakawa – where?
How long have you lived in NZ? All my life
Which languages do you speak? Kiwi, a bit of Greek and non-stop
Favourite TV show: Parks and Recreation

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Giovanni Lazzari

He who must be obeyed

Giovanni LazzariFavourite pastime outside of work: Hanging out with my Son, cooking.
Where were you born: Auckland
How long have you lived in NZ: All my life
Which languages do you speak
: English
Favourite TV show: Breaking Bad, Walking Dead
Famous Doppelganger : Ali Williams

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Ryan Newman

Managing Director of StrataNet Ltd

RyanFavourite Food: Good homemade lasagne
Favourite pastime outside of work : Cricket / Drums
Where were you born? Johannesburg South Africa
Favourite TV show : Suits
Famous Doppelganger : Ricky Martin or Tom Cruise

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Richard Mahoney

Operations Assistant StrataNet

Richard MahoneyHow long have you worked in IT: Since I could reach the keyboard
Your best Dish : Chicken Fettucine
Where were you born: Whakatane NZ
Favourite TV show
: I don’t own a TV
Famous Dopelgaanger : James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek!)

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