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StrataNet Fixed Wireless Network

Extensive and expanding coverage over the North Island

Have you been told you can’t have fast internet? It’s likely we can help you.

Join New Zealand’s best fixed wireless network with StrataNet

StrataNet provides high quality internet solutions Auckland-wide for residential customers, or nation-wide for commercial customers. We own and operate our own carrier-grade wireless network that spans much of the greater Auckland area.

Unlimited Data

Unlimited data, no speed throttling, and low congestion on selected internet types.

Flexible Plans

Unlimited or capped plans – there’s a plan to suit everyone.

Local Support

The entire StrataNet team are based in Auckland. Speak directly to our team of experts who can help. No overseas call centres.

Our Plans


Hi-Speed Rural Internet

  • Rural wireless packages starting from $50per month
  • * Unlimited Data
  • Wireless/4G


Hi-Speed Urban Internet

  • Residential wireless packages starting from $50 per month
  • * Unlimited Data
  • Wireless/Fibre/Copper/4G


No Data Caps No Slow Downs

  • Business wireless packages starting from $60 per month
  • * Unlimited Data
  • Wireless/Fibre/Copper/4G
* Unlimited Data available on unlimited wireless, fibre, and copper (VDSL/ADSL) plans only


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No, but for $150 (one-off fee) we can do all the work to set you up with 2Talk.  This will cost you at a minimum $10 a month (2Talk pricing).  If you would like to sign up, please contact us on 09 551 6868, or log a ticket through the Customer Portal.

On a low setting - about 0.3 GB per hour. 
On medium (SD) - about 0.7 GB per hour. 
On high (HD) - up to 3 GB per hour. 
Ultra high - up to 7 GB per hour. 
Auto adjusts automatically to deliver the highest possible quality based on your current internet connection speed.  To select a setting that works best for your internet plan, for example, navigate to your Netflix account page, and select playback setting in the ‘your profile’ section.  It can take up to 8 hours for these changes to take effect.  Restricting data usage my affect video quality while watching Netflix.

Please ensure all power and data cables are firmly plugged in to your StrataNet supplied devices and antennas tightly screwed on where appropriate.  Also, power cycle your equipment by switching off at the wall or removing power for 30 seconds. 

Most devices have a switch, hot key, or menu setting to enable or disable wifi.  Please ensure this is enabled or turned on.  Also check your wifi router is turned on.  This may need to be turned off and back on. and

We have many customers on our network and our wireless network is built with VOIP in mind.  We use methods and techniques to minimise latency and jitter.

Still got questions?

Our team is here to help out with any questions you might have.