Internet Service Providers

The StrataNet Story

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Our partner company, Strata Networks became really frustrated with their customers being let down by their Internet providers.  More and more businesses now use the Internet for both their computer systems and VoIP phone systems. The reality is, when the Internet is slow then their business really suffers. Even more critical is what happens when a client of theirs would lose their Internet connection altogether (sometimes for days on end), and even ceasing to be able to function.  As their IT Support Company, Strata Networks kept ending up being stuck in the middle between a frustrated customer and an unhelpful Internet Service Provider (ISP).  

So StrataNet was born and it has been a great success!

StrataNet offers truly high speed reliable Internet.  In particular, we specialise in supplying High Speed Wireless Internet to “hard to reach places” where traditional forms of internet connection are often slow or not economical hence not available to the average person.  Check out our Rural Internet page for more information on this service.