Internet Service Providers

Internet Disaster Recovery

How much of your business is dependant on your Internet Connection?

Have you considered what would happen if your Internet connection failed?  It does happen.  It could be caused by roadworks, a car accident or in recent times, the theft of copper. 

Most businesses run at least one and often many critical systems that are dependent on an Internet connection in order to function.  Here is a brief list of some important systems that will simply stop working if the Internet goes down.

  • Email
  • Cloud-based applications 
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Wireless Connections
  • VoIP Telephony systems 

If your business is dependent on even just one of the above, an Internet Access Contingency System should be considered. 

Our Ultra Fast Wireless Broadband Service is an excellent solution.  If your in-ground Internet connection fails it can be days before it is restored. Our Wireless Internet back up will seamlessly restore the Internet Connection to your business with NO DOWNTIME to your team.  

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