Internet Service Providers

Rural Coverage Map

Can't get Internet in your area? Looking for a quailty Internet Provider in Auckland and beyond? 

At StrataNet we offer truly high speed, real high quality, wireless internet to hard to reach places. These maps give you an indication of our current internet coverages. If your address is not within one of the boundaries, you may still be able to recieve our services. Please contact us and we will verify whether you are within our coverage agrea. You can call us on 0800 030 004, or email us at and we will endeavour to contact you within 2 working days.

Our new Coverage Maps can be found at one of the three links below:

Kaipara and North

North Shore and Hibiscus

South and West


Older coverage maps are shown here:

Looking for an Internet Provider in Auckland or beyond? Not on our Coverage Map? Never fear, we may still be able to help, we are are always looking for new locations to extend our coverage and will look into the feasability of any rural locations. All we need is some potential customers who are ready to enjoy High Speed, High Quality Internet, so if you're rural and you need internet - give us a call today 0800 030 004. Or fill in the contact form below.

Once we are sure we can supply to your location we are required by law to have you fill in an application form. They can be downloaded by clicking on the following links.

Rural Internet Application Form
Clevedon Rural Internet Application Form
South Head Internet Application Form
Urban Internet Application