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Looking for a premium Internet service that will not let you down? So were we, that's why we started StrataNet. Based in Auckland we provide wireless internet as well as ADSL/VDSL/Fibre and Business Internet services. You can read our story here

Not all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are created equal. Without an understanding of the internet industry it can seem like all ISPs are offering exactly the same product with the only distinction being price. We see the same features advertised everywhere; high speed broadband internet, ultra fast broadband, no data caps, unlimited internet etc etc. What do these terms really mean and how do you know that once you sign up your Internet Service is really going to meet your requirements?  At StrataNet we offer a variety of different Internet services, all of them Ultra High Speed, all of them broadband. Many of our services are wireless which has certain benefits. But there are a couple of technical terms that distinguish our internet service from many others. 

Our Internet services have low latency rates and low contention ratios.  Because of this your StrataNet Internet contention will NOT slow down when everyone else piles on to the web at 8pm (and other key times). You will be able to use your full data allowance, every month. Speaking plainly you will love your StrataNet Internet connection.  We are techies, we created this Internet Service Provider because we couldn't get anyone to supply us with an Internet service that we were happy with.  We are sure we can make you happy too.